Friday, 27 February 2009

St Davids Ploughing Match

The best work on the field was completed by high cut workman Robert Irving.

How times have changed in rural North Pembrokeshire, when I started farming Sunday observance was almost universal. At Cerbid until my father's sudden death in 1952 I believe other than caring for livestock ultimately no farming tasks were pursued - even the foddering of livestock where ever possible was prepared on Saturday to ensure an absolute minimum work load on Sunday. This was both for observance purpose and to ensure maximum free time to attend services, Non-Conformists would frequently attended chapel three times on a Sunday.

I mention this because I was more than slightly surprised to be invited by Alun Hughes my lifelong friend who just happens to be Vice Chairman of the Ploughing Match committee to attend the local St Davids Peninsula Ploughing Match last Sunday. Around fifty competitors from many parts of the United Kingdom took part, I suspect there may have been several deacons amongst the competitors and spectators.

How values have changed over the last fifty years, I would endorse 'enlightenment' but then I'm a non believer and am more than happy to accept members and practices of any faith or no faith. One of the most admired and highly regarded members of our team at Quality Cottages the late Mr Reggie Evans who worked in Cerbid for almost sixty years endorsed the policy of 'never once on a Sunday'. I found the front cover of the programme to be a little controversial for a few religious die-hards, as they had chosen St Davids Cathedral.

Leonard Rees

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