Friday, 29 May 2009

Green Bridge of Wales

A stunning formation of rocks created over thousands of years by the action of the sea and weather on the cliff face.
This feature can be reached via the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path near Bosherston - an easy grass path leading to a viewing platform.


Guillemots. Razorbills & Choughs at Stack Rocks

Stack Rocks - Elegug Stacks

Elegug being the old Norse name for Guillemot ( the Welsh name being Gwylog ).

This is the largest mainland breeding colony of guillemots in South Wales. Razorbills intermingle and choughs may also be seen in this area.
A 1hour 30 minute walk from Bosherston along this stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path enjoys spectacular scenery with limestone cliffs, stacks, arches and blow holes.

Stackpole Quay to Barafundle Bay

Stackpole is one of the smallest harbours you'll find anywhere. It's a lovely spot with the bonus of the Boathouse Tearoom where teas & lunches are served.

A half mile walk takes you to Barafundle Bay which is inaccessable by car. Barafundle is one of the finest beaches in Pembrokeshire - clear water, soft sand and edged by wooded cliffs.


There is nothing like an ice cream on a hot day.

Oh you shouldn't tempt me......I'll get fat!
Just a little lick then....!

Pig Trough at Quality Cottages

Pig trough at Quality Cottages - totally unpolluted, uncontaminated or corrupted by politicians.


A unique custom to herald the arrival of the cuckoo.

Well the cuckoo may have arrived in St Davids but he has not yet made an appearance in neighbouring hamlet of Wallis in Ambleston.

Our local farmer Dai Thomas alerts those of us not lucky enough to hear the wee warbler ourselves by the upkeep of a custom, quite unique. As soon as he hears the cuckoo call he shaves his head i.e. his winter coat and this is our sign that the lovely bird has arrived in our area.

Dai is well known locally as his beasts - cows, pigs and sheep all roam on the common moorland of Wallis and Ambleston thus keeping it clear of the dreaded bracken. Good for locals and visitors alike who enjoy walking the area and around Wallis Pond in view of the magnificent backdrop of the Preseli Hills. Fabulous!

Wallis Pond

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Summer's arrived at last!

Lower Town Fishguard

Two whole days of sunshine over the Bank holiday weekend got us out on bikes and kayaks. It was a beautiful evening at Lower Town Fishguard on Sunday. The sea was calm and we were able to kayak along towards Dinas Head, landing on a little beach accessible only by boat. We paused for a short while before heading back with the tide, and spent a further hour or so mooching around the boats moored in the harbour. We kayaked under the bridge at
Cwm Gwaun, (also a lovely place to walk) but soon reached shallow water, so had to leave it for the ducks.
Monday afternoon saw us on a cycle ride from Mathry to Solva-some 18 miles or so-through lanes with hedgerows abundant with wild flowers. We stopped at Solva for an ice cream before heading back for a well earned cup of tea and chocolate Brownies!


Thursday, 21 May 2009

Alpacas in Pembrokeshire

I was out taking photographs of our cottages last week and imagine my surprise at the occupants of this field as I drove past. I had to look twice to confirm a small gathering of alpacas enjoying the spring sunshine and the lush grass.

So not only is it possible to see a great variety of wildlife, sea birds, seals and perhaps a pod of dolphins - if you're lucky- but the odd alpaca enjoying life in the Solva Valley!!

Sue B

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


The skylarks have arrived at the old aerodrome just outside St Davids. Busy laying their eggs in scrapes on the ground. The gorse is in full bloom and the scent of it drifting across the aerodrome is quite 'heavy'. Wonderful place to 'walk the dog', do a spot of 'bird watching', or see how many different 'species of flowers 'you can find.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Pembrokeshire Coast - 300 Hundred Quality Holiday Cottages though out Wales

Video of the beautiful pembrokeshire coast

Monday, 11 May 2009

'Waving not drowning......'

We went to an exhibition of sculpture and artworks – a retrospective viewing and sale of the works of John Cleal who died two years ago. A prolific artist and craftsman, he supported the communities of Pembrokeshire, often donating his sculptures and paintings to public places and for fund-raising.

I had met him many years before and learned that he produced the very first brochure for Quality Cottages. A series of ‘line drawings’ depicting the cottages and their interiors - in those days the properties were owned solely by the proprietor Leonard Rees.

Some of the sculptures were familiar pieces, not for sale thank goodness (I can continue to feast my eyes on them!) my favourite being a piece entitled ‘Waving not drowning’. Many people attended the opening day of the exhibition hosted by Johns’ daughter-in-law Alice who with her husband Mitchell and a handful of friends and family members, made the occasion more like a civilized party (glass of wine in hand of course).

Should you visit North Pembrokeshire it’s worth a visit – there are numerous other artists displaying, from garden structures to paintings, pots and glassware – variously priced and all beautiful. The gallery is situated off the A487 travelling westbound to Goodwick (near Fishguard) well sign-posted as Workshop Wales Gallery.
Sue A


It was only last week I asked where the cuckoo was! Well I heard it yesterday (three times) over the Dowrog Common just outside St Davids and the ladies smock (sometimes known as the cuckoo flower) was in full bloom too. Janet

Jonny Depp in Tenby

We have heard on good authority that Jonny Depp was in Tenby on Saturday night eating at the Baytree Restaurant.

Baytree is a popular restaurant situated in the heart of Tenby serving food from 11 am to
10.30 pm in the summer with shorter hours during the rest of the year. There is a private sheltered terrace for al fresco eating and live music on Saturday nights.

With Harry Potter and Robin Hood being filmed at Freshwater West there may well be other celebrities soon seen around the county.

Sue B

Land Yachting at Freshwater West

Freshwater West is a popular beach for land yachting as well as surfing and it is one of the few Pembrokeshire beaches where you can take your dog at any time of the year.


Harry Potter comes to Wales

For those of you Harry Potter fans visiting south Pembrokeshire at this time be sure to visit Freshwater West beach the site chosen for the filming of Chapter 25 of the latest JK Rowling book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Locals have been eagerly watching the construction progress of Shell Cottage against a backdrop of sand dunes.

Filming is due to start this week between 11th and 15th May. Although the roads close by will be blocked off for the duration the public will still be able to walk along the beach. Why not take a stroll and see how many stars you can spot.

The new Robin Hood epic is due to be filmed on the same beach later in the year. Watch this space.....


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Lawrenny, South Pembrokeshire

What a lovely place for a day out. We went up river in glorious sunshine and moored off at a Lawrenny Quay just in time for lunch. The award winning Lawrenny Cafe has a lawned garden overlooking the estuary. The menu offers a delicious selection of light lunches including crab, prawns, ham and I can recommend the roasted peppers filled with caramelised red onions and goats cheese. There are mouthwatering puddings, cakes and ice creams as well as a selection of wines, bottled beers & ciders, coffee, tea, cold soft drinks and my favourite Elderflower Presse by the jug.

After lunch we walked along the wooded riverbank onto the beach and then back through the village over the fields beside the church and into the wood once more. There were several rope swings along the route to keep my nephews amused and countless sticks for Alfie the dog to retrieve. We topped up with ice creams and enjoyed another romp on the beach before heading home.

For those travelling by car the lanes approaching Lawrenny are lined with ancient wind swept trees and beautiful Pembrokeshire hedges. There are occasional tantalising views of the river. A hint of what to expect in the pretty seaside village.

Anne I

Friday, 8 May 2009

The Cresselly Arms at Cresswell Quay, South Pembrokeshire

A truly lovely old fashioned and unspoiled country pub with ale served via a jug directly from the barrel. The walls are crammed with memorabilia celebrating rural pursuits such as hunting, fishing, shooting, cricket and of course rugby. There is a quarry tiled floor, open fire in the bar and a Rayburn in the back. There is no heat in the toilets but they are indoors!

Don't expect to find food other than an assortment of crisps, a few bars of chocolate and home made cheese or ham rolls with a help yourself bowl of chutney also home made. This is strictly a cosy local drinking venue.

The pub lies beside a tidal estuary. When the tide is out stepping stones lead across the mud to the river bank on the opposite side. An ancient ruin is all that remains of a once walled garden.

When the tide is high you might have to wait for your beer while the landlord feeds the ducks and swans. There are tables and chairs outside so you can savour the evening as the sun sets over the water.

On exceptionally high tides a flotilla of small pleasure boats makes its way by river and rafts up at the quayside - just time enough to enjoy a few pints before the falling tide dictates their hasty departure. Today is one of those days. I have planned to join my brother and family for our annual pilgrimage. However the high winds and white horses in the estuary might put pay to our adventure. Its not warm enough yet to spend the evening in wet salt laden clothes. There is always the car.

Anne I

Swifts and Swallows

Now the weather is starting to warm up here in Pembrokeshire the swifts and swallows are arriving and can be seen swooping and diving in the early evening, collecting mud for making their nests in the most precarious places and insects upon which they feed in flight - just out of reach of humans or animals.
Alas we haven't heard the cuckoo yet - he's supposed to arrive in April and sing his song in May - where is he?

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Swallows return to Cerbid

A sure sign summer is on the way, swallows behind the Quality Cottages offices Cerbid after work thursday evening.


Coastal Path

Walked the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path bewteen Solva and Caerfai. The coast path was practically deserted only saw 3 or 4 people on the whole stretch. Beautiful day, beautiful views. Stopped for an ice-cream at The Bench, St Davids before making our way home.

.......just one each

Wet Feet

Try the Venture Jet boat leaving from St Justinians lifeboat station, St Davids.

The one and a half hour wet and wild trip was superb, the children really enjoyed it. We saw birds, seals and even ventured into some of the caves. Towards the end they span the boat 360 degrees we all got soaked. Wear flip flops as shoes can get very wet.

Red Hart Inn, Blaisdon

Red Hart Inn

We stayed at St Michaels earlier in the year. We ate out several times at the Red Hart Inn in Blaisdon, an easy 5 min walk downhill.
Try the belly pork with black pudding (the pigs are reared by the pub owners), also the fish cakes with hollandaise were lovely. You need to book especially at the weekends. Very child friendly.

The Orchard Pig or Gloucester Old Spot was traditionally raised on windfalls.
The Red Hart was once surrounded by Gloucestershire orchards. Blaisdon Plum Day is still celebrated annually in the garden of the pub on the Sunday before August Bank Holiday

Absent from Quality Cottages

Having been away from work for several months I was staggered to come back and find so many new properties have been taken on by Quality Cottages.
Looking through them they all look of such a high standard that I am torn between which one to take a holiday in myself!!
I look forward to visiting them when they become free at the end of the season.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Do you love walking? Choose Wales as your holiday destination this year.

Whether you are a seasoned visitor to Wales or a welcome newcomer you will love the experience of seeing Wales through the eyes of artists, photographers, bird watchers and other specialists. Revisit well known walks with new insight and a fresh view point. Look at for inspiration.