Friday, 8 May 2009

The Cresselly Arms at Cresswell Quay, South Pembrokeshire

A truly lovely old fashioned and unspoiled country pub with ale served via a jug directly from the barrel. The walls are crammed with memorabilia celebrating rural pursuits such as hunting, fishing, shooting, cricket and of course rugby. There is a quarry tiled floor, open fire in the bar and a Rayburn in the back. There is no heat in the toilets but they are indoors!

Don't expect to find food other than an assortment of crisps, a few bars of chocolate and home made cheese or ham rolls with a help yourself bowl of chutney also home made. This is strictly a cosy local drinking venue.

The pub lies beside a tidal estuary. When the tide is out stepping stones lead across the mud to the river bank on the opposite side. An ancient ruin is all that remains of a once walled garden.

When the tide is high you might have to wait for your beer while the landlord feeds the ducks and swans. There are tables and chairs outside so you can savour the evening as the sun sets over the water.

On exceptionally high tides a flotilla of small pleasure boats makes its way by river and rafts up at the quayside - just time enough to enjoy a few pints before the falling tide dictates their hasty departure. Today is one of those days. I have planned to join my brother and family for our annual pilgrimage. However the high winds and white horses in the estuary might put pay to our adventure. Its not warm enough yet to spend the evening in wet salt laden clothes. There is always the car.

Anne I

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